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V I R I D I A N - (PC/Quest) - VRChat World

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Welcome to V I R I D I A N, traveler. Viridian is a cool but cozy home perfect for you and your friends to gather together and listen to the rain on the windows, watch the churning river flow under the floor, listen to your favorite calming music on repeat, and even sleep... if that's something you're into. If you are interested in purchasing this world for quest use, please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.*

World Size ~ 178 MB, less with compressed photos.

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About This World

  • Udon Video Player
  • 3D Ambient Rain and Thunder audio
  • Professional, high-quality textures and lightmaps
  • Serious attention to detail without breaking the FPS bank
  • Customizable world title and font
  • A comfy seating area that can hold all of your friends
  • A cozy and beautiful bedroom with window sill areas to place your favorite 3d models, or to just stand on I guess
  • 12 built-in poster slots to place pictures of your travels through VRChat, and more wall space to put whatever you'd like
  • A 3d model display area behind glass
  • A fully animated UI system in each room
  • This world takes full advantage of Mochie's Standard Shader
  • Full collider and mirror control in both the bedroom and living room
  • large customizable spaces (if snuggling isn't quite your speed) ie. pool, beer pong, cards, etc. (not included)
  • No extra functionality fluff. This is a simple world that speaks for itself.
  • This is a full-fledged "Sombie World", the same quality as my commission work with no compromise

Install Instructions

  1. Download the file.
  2. extract the file to your unity folder
  3. At this point, you should be able to open the project via the unity hub, do the first-time setup VRChat/unity requires, and upload to your VRChat Account.

Bakery is required for a correct light bake. the world will bake correctly without it but it will not be the same.... its never the same.

On a decent GPU and normal render settings for bakery, you can expect the world to take 10-20 minutes to bake.

LINKS and Credits

World Test Link -

Mochie's Standard Shader -

Merlin's Udon Sharp -

Bakery Lightmapper -

XSVolumetrics -

Unity Engine/ VRC Downloads -

Doppelganger's Shaders -

Blender -

VRC Prefabs Database -

My Discord! -

A special Thanks to...







and you guys ofc <3

*The quest version of this world is just a port from PC to Quest. There is little to no consideration to filesize (~99MB) texture or draw call count. I have only made adjustments to allow the world to function correctly minus some of the visual effects for performance and compatibility. As tested the world functions correctly between 40 and 70 FPS on Quest. Changing shaders, materials, etc would provide better overall performance.

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V I R I D I A N - (PC/Quest) - VRChat World

24 ratings
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